Kenneth Lavergne (4 years) - Chair
GenOn Energy - Treasury Manager

I am committed to UEI because I want to see every boy that we have be successful. I aim to me a role model and someone that they can look up to. I want to inspire them to believe that they can overcome their situations. If they don't see any other positive examples in their life, I want to make sure that we provide them with all the positivity and confidence to know that they can succeed. It is important that UEI provide them with resources, knowledge and exposure to things outside of the Fifth Ward Community to ensure that we completing the mission of the organization.

Champ D. Warren III (3 years) - Vice Chair
Merrill Lynch Private Banking & Investment Group - Managing Director, Private Wealth Advisor

As a mentor for our boys, I see first-hand how we are changing the lives of our boys. UEI allows me to share the opportunities I have been given to help level the playing field for our boys and to empower them to venture beyond what they see to achieve their true potential in life. I am committed to fighting my own personal little war on poverty and UEI is my weapon of choice!

Jessica Seff (< 1 year) - Treasurer
Stateman Business Advisors - Vice President

The City of Houston has offered me so much in my life and my career. I therefore strive to give back to the community through committing time, energy, and resources to an underserved and incredibly valuable population that deserves the same access to life and career opportunities in this great city.

Nandilyn Williams - Assistant Treasurer
NW Business Consultants, LLC - Audit Manager

James Dwyer (3 years) - Secretary
Weatherford - VP Global Accounts

UEI provides a sustainable solution that changes real lives and the future of many young men.

Erich J. Almonte
King & Spaulding LLP - Associate, Contracts and Business Torts

John M. Deberry (< 1 year)
Frost – Banking, Investments, Insurance - Private Banking

I committed to help an underserved community and young men that could flourish with the right support. As a man coming up in a single parent household, I recognize the importance of guidance and mentor ship, along with opportunities and exposure to elements outside of my reach.

Greg Krafka
Winstead PC - Shareholder
This organization is doing enormously imporant work by providing opportunities for many at risk youth. I'm fortunate that I can be a part of helping these young boys become future leaders and active citizens in their community.

Tolu Opeloye (4 years)
Amazon Health Services - CEO
I'm committed to the young men of UEI because it is proven that many successful people attribute at least part of their success to having a mentor. The right mentor can provide advice and connections that can help their mentee reach heights that would be impossible alone. UEI provides me the direct opportunity to share personal experiences & provide hands-on help for our young men in personal & professional ways that I know will empower them to be effective, productive men of our future.