Charles Savage is the Executive Director for the Urban Enrichment Institute - UEI (formerly the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program Incorporated -FWEP). The staff consists of 14 full-time employees, 15 part-time employees, and a yearly list of 50 volunteers. The service components are the School-based Projects, the Peer Health Educators, the Teen Enterprise Center, an Education Coordinator, and a Parent/Family liaison. The FWEP yearly operating budget is in excess of one million dollars.

Mr. Savage has also served as the FWEP project manager for the high schools and as the first director of the Teen Enterprise Center, the after-school component for youth business activities and entrepreneurial training.

He has been a consultant to the City of Houston, was a founding executive member of a small business firm, and is a former Shell Oil Company employee with more than 20 years of domestic and international corporate experience. He has been designated as a "visiting professor" by the National Urban League's Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) for his years of mentoring and counseling students at historically black colleges and universities.

Mr. Savage is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and has been a resident of Houston since 1977. He has three adult children - sons, Damon and Evan, and daughter, Audra. He has served in the United States Air Force Reserve and attended school at the United States Air Force Academy Prep School, St. Louis Community College, Houston Community College and the University of Houston.


Ms. Consuella Whipple is the Operations Manager of the Urban Enrichment Institute - UEI (formerly the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program Incorporated -FWEP). She manages and coordinates the staff, agency programs and fiscal affairs. She shares budget control and monthly oversight management responsibility with the Executive Director.

Ms. Whipple is a native of Louisiana. She is a 1986 graduate of Southern University, Baton Rouge Campus. She began her professional career in the oil and gas industry after relocating to Houston upon graduating from college. She later became Fiscal Manager at the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department Baker Street Facility in 1993. Ms. Whipple has owned, and partnered in, an accounting and tax service that focuses on the accounting and financial service needs for non-profit organizations.